Keiskei Ashitaba

I think you might be unknown about "Angelica Keiskei" aka Ashitaba? If you want to read more about that please read this article.

Since the last 6, 7 months the world is struggling over the COVID 19 virus. Millions of people are suffered and the number of dead people has already crossed 1 lakh count. The whole world is facing the same pandemic issue and worst part of this is that though every country is working on vaccine research but the final vaccine has not been found yet. Even the WHO hasn't confirmed when its availability.

WHO has guided like everyone must work on increasing immune power so that COVID19 will not affect our body. And there are two countries in the world; India and Japan, who believe in herbal homeopathy medicines.

In Japan, the key herbal medicine is called as "Angelica Seskei".

Traditionally, Angelica keiskei is used to treat dysuria, dyschezia, and dysgalactia as well as to restore vitality. Recently, the aerial parts of A. keiskei have been consumed as a health food. The crude extracts and pure constituents were proven to inhibit tumor growth and ameliorate inflammation, obesity, diabetics, hypertension, and ulcer. That extract which came out also showed anti-oxidative, anti-hyperlipidemic, anti-viral, anti-thrombotic, and anti-bacterial activities.

In Japanese term, the word “ashitaba” literally means "Leaves of the Day". The first character “Ashita” means "tomorrow". The second character “ha” means "leaf". Combinally, ashibata means "Leaves of the Day". Angelica keiskei koidzumi  is the Ashibata's scientific name which means 'Angel Leaves'. It's even nicknamed 'Healing Angels' due to its ability to miraculously cure dozens or even hundreds of illnesses. Including acute disease though.

Ashitaba's amazing ability can be used by many people because of its many natural contents. Namely, protein, calcium, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, potassium, chlorophyll, pantothenic acid, and biotin. All parts of Ashitaba plants such as stems, roots, leaves and the sap contain higher anti-oxidants compared to other plants. Recent research has confirmed that compounds in this plant can improve cell health and prolong life.

Various studies were carried out and revealed amazing research results. According to research conducted at Osaka Pharmacy University, by Dr. Naoru Fujita, Ashitaba contains Xhantoangelol-E which blocks the formation of Flavin A2 coagulation, which can stimulate red blood clots that trigger stroke.

Then, a study in the pharmacy faculty of Universiatas Meji, Japan, used mice as a sample. Mice with skin cancer and lung cancer were given ashitaba extract for 6 months. The results are very surprising.

There were no signs of development of cancer cells that spread in the body of the mice. The growth of these abnormal cells stops.

In addition, research by Kimura Y in Medicine, Ehime University in Japan, also used mice as samples. Provides Ashitaba root extract in mice with lung tumors.

Then, the result is that tumor cells that had developed rapidly, slowly stopped and did not show the spread of tumor cells to other normal tissue cells. The Ashitaba plant emits a yellow sap called 'Chalcone'.

Still from research in Japan, this time conducted by Hiroshi Ogawa of the medical faculty, Kinki University, has found an active compound in the form of 4-hydroxy ring that is able to expedite breast milk, improve blood flow, facilitate menstruation, kill LDL (bad cholesterol levels), diuretic drugs and suppress pressure systolic blood pressure.

Ashitaba also contains high levels of chlorophyll which can cleanse the liver as well as blood from poisons in the body. The virtues of chlorophyll Ashitaba have been known even since time immemorial, during the Ming Dynasty empire. Even the first Chinese emperor from the Chin Dynasty, when he visited Japan to look for the magical plant.

In addition, Ashitaba is also able to reduce excess sugar levels in the body because it is like insulin. This provides benefits for diabetics, even a Japanese herbalist, Kazuo Hida, said that after consuming Ashitaba for 6 months, the sugar level will go down from 400 mg / dl to 150 mg / dl.

Not only that, the active compound in the form of 4-hydroxy ring was apparently born from a parent compound called CHALCONE. The main function of Chalcone is to strengthen the body's immune system, prevent heart disease, prevent osteoporosis, overcome Alzheimer's, reduce uric acid levels, purify the blood of poisons, help the metabolic process, suppress acid secretion, stabilize blood pressure, prevent thrombus formation and suppress cytopius . Even this compound is actively fighting cancer cells.

Chalcone is widely used in the medical world because it contains an active molecular structure and has high antioxidant properties than green tea and soybeans.

Finally, research from the Japan Bio Science Laboratory (JBSL) concluded that Ashitaba plants have many nutrients that are important for the body so that they are able to cure various diseases, especially modern acute levels due to poor diet.