Japanese Maid Cafe

Hello Mosaique Life Readers...!!!! We all know about different Cafe, but have you ever heard about Maid cafe? I guess, you haven't. If it is so then this article is for you.

In Japan, Maid Cafes got its start. Rather it is a strange phenomenon, where servers dress up in maid costumes. These are a subset of cosplay restaurants, where the wait staff dress as different anime or video game characters. In the Akihabara district of Tokyo in 2001, the first maid cafe opened. Quickly the concept grew in popularity, and soon the themes diversified into different niches. In countries such as China, South Korea, Australia, France, the Netherlands, and even here in Canada you can find maid cafes.

These are thematic café where the waitresses dress up as maids and serve their customers as if they were their masters. A relaxed atmosphere is there at classic maid cafes where you can enjoy a meal or even just a beverage. For those who are looking for a relaxed maid café experience rather than a bustling, lively one this kind of maid café is recommended. Entertainment style maid cafés are a good choice, for an acute meal and those looking to enjoy chatting with the maids, taking souvenir pictures, or playing games. You can enjoy experiences here that can only be had at a maid café, such as having the maids write cute little messages in ketchup on your omu-rice (omelette rice) or say a prayer to make your food delicious, also you can enjoy the typical food and alcoholic drinks that you would at any izakaya (Japanese-style pub) or bar.

However, unlike your average izakaya or bar, the staff will serve you dressed up as maids. For those who want to go to a bar or izakaya but are looking for something, a little different these kinds of establishments are recommended. From cosplaying waitresses clad in cute, and often provocative, maid costumes decorated with frills, ribbons, and other accessories Maid cafés take their name. Originally, these establishments targeted otaku by looking to create real-life renditions of the anime and manga worlds enjoyed by these diehard fans of Japan's subculture. Beyond young waitresses in maid costumes to include the distinctive service style of establishments the allure of maid cafés extends.

Addressing them as goshujinsama (master) and using exaggeratedly deferential language, Servers fawn over patrons. Even customers are greeted first time with a jovial "welcome back, sir" and pampered with attention. At maid cafes, Menus are similar to those at standard cafés, including coffee, tea, and other drinks, as well as light meals and desserts. Waitresses, however, do more than merely bring the customers their orders. Such as chanting a cute phrase while drawing a picture in ketchup over a customer's omelet or dramatically dribbling chocolate and syrup over a dessert, they also provide entertaining services. Some cafés allow patrons to pose with a waitress in an instant-print photo or engage in a playful game of rock-paper-scissors for an extra charge.