Japanese Dolls

Dolls are one of the traditional Japanese craft and they are divided into many types.

Dolls have been a part of the culture of Japan Ever since ancient times. Japanese dolls represent an item of veneration, a child's plaything, or an object of delight. The outer appearance of these dolls has constantly changed, but the Japanese love of dolls has remained steadfast.

Two main doll festivals are there. Dolls are not only considered objects of decoration or entertainment but living creatures as well, even to this day in Japan. In the ceremonies of Doll Burial, an expression of such special behavior is found. The doll's owner when must reluctantly throw it away, he takes it to a temple where old and new dolls, both costly and ordinary ones, are piled together. The dolls are burnt to ashes after the owners say their last farewell and express their deep gratitude.

Hina Ningyo (ornamental dolls for Girls' Day) and Gogatsu Ningyo (ornamental dolls for Boys' Day) are the most familiar doll for Japanese. On March 3rd praying for the daughters' healthy growth and happiness most families with girls display Hina Ningyo dolls for Girls' Day or Hina Matsuri (doll festival). On a three to the five-tiered platform, they are usually arranged. The Emperor and Empress dolls called Dairi-Bina are at the top and their thirteen servants are arranged on the rest of tiers. Since ancient times when clay figures were buried with the dead Dollmaking has been an important art form in Japan. Hundreds of clay figures were buried around the burial mounds (kofun) of emperors and noblemen In the Yamamoto Period (A.D. 300 to 592). With good fortune, Dolls have traditionally been associated. "Japanese dolls made of paper and grass were set adrift in rivers to carry away" bad luck in the 9th century.

Daruma dolls named after Daruma (Bodhidarma), the founder of Zen Buddhism, which is red. Around New Year they commonly sold with both eyes painted over. When making a wish one eye is unpainted. When the wish comes true second eye is unpainted.