Etiquettes at Meal Time

There are certain manners and etiquette which must be followed by everyone while having a meal in Japan. It includes table manners, eating and drinking manners also.

For nearly every occasion there is proper etiquette in Japan, that’s why Japanese culture has such a rich, traditional history. If you are planning a trip to japan you should handy with these traditional Japanese eating etiquette rules. Before entering into tatami you have to remove your shoes and slippers. In most of the restaurants, wet towels are given to clean your hands. These towels usually chilled in the summer and heated in the winter, for a nice touch. No one starts the meal before everyone’s order has not come. If you want to start your meal and everyone’s meal is not served the phrase “allow me to start before you” is used. In Japan, citizens like to set up the rules and they make sure that rules to be followed strictly. We can imagine their rule-oriented lifestyle by their eating and drinking etiquettes. Many tourists can surprise with their eating and drinking rules. Look for a food tray or drink holder provided for that purpose is the best way to tell if it’s ok to consume food. If you are carrying your own food on the train you have to lay down tissue or cloth on your lap to be tidy. 

Above your mouth, you never raise your food. If you are slurping your noodles, it shows how much you are enjoying the meal. On the Shinkansen and long-distance “rapid” trains in Japan, you can drink alcohol. At the end of the workday, you will usually see business people enjoying a can of beer on their journey home. But don’t drink in local trains and transmission. Smelly foods like curry or kimchee are avoided. If you are eating with the small bowl, you should bring the bowl close to your mouth. It is considered an impolite behavior to blowing your nose or making noise while eating food. But it’s ok to make noise while eating noodles it is considered as proper behavior. Japan’s culture is an alcohol-loving culture. You can’t drink right away when your drink is served and others not at the table, you have to wait till the other members are served with their drinks.

You have to pay attention to your guest’s glasses if it’s become empty you need to add more to them. When someone wants to fill your glass more, before giving your glass to others you should drink some sips. In Japan food is served as they are offered on the menu, it is not served as a customer’s special request. You have to take the food as it is presented to you. Japan is the greatest place in the world to drink. After drinking if you don’t remember anything about last night Japanese people never mention it as long as no harm is done. In luxurious restaurants getting drunk is considered an impolite manner. Guests are allowed to get drunk in low- price restaurants only if you don’t bother other guests. Alternative beverages are there like tea, soda, juice if you don’t want to drink alcohol. In Japan people always do a toast before drinking. People touch each other’s glasses and say “Kanpai”. If you are refilling another’s glass when it’s empty, it is considered as a height of good manner. Generally, people avoid biting half pieces of food. You should eat full pieces of food, if you are not doing it, it is considered an impolite manner. The food which is served to you at the beginning, do not put unwanted food on the cover of the bowl. If you are not putting it into another plate it will be considered as an impolite manner.

If you are lifting food higher than your mouth Japanese people will be considered it is an inappropriate manner.