A typical hill grass burning festival : Yamayaki

Yamayaki is the festival in Japan which is celebrated by the burning grass on the hill wakakusa.

In Japan, Wakakusa Yamayaki is an annual festival during which the grass on the hillside of Nara's Mount Wakakusayama is set on fire. At the eastern end of Nara Park, the Mountain is located, and when it is set alight it can be seen throughout the city. By a fireworks display, the burning of the mountain itself is preceded. Every year on the 4th Saturday of January the festival takes place but may be delayed to a later date in case of bad weather. As to how the Yamayaki began there are many supposed theories?

The grassy hills were set on fire to commemorate their ancestors, some say, while others say that the burning began as a way to encourage new growth for plant life. Bringing splendid beauty to the Yamayaki fire, the festival prepares 600 rounds of fireworks. Viewers are able to witness a collaboration between some of Japan's oldest historic structures and the Yamayaki, from locations further away from the mountain. You may want to get closer to the mountain if you're after the thrill of the fire. See it from afar, if you wish to see it as a gorgeous nightscape. At 6:30 pm The Yamayaki begins. Holding lit torches Approximately 300 people ignite the grassy hills of Mount Wakakusa, signaled by sounds of Conch shell horns and trumpets. From a boundary dispute between two temples, Tōdai-Ji and Kōfuku-Ji in 1760, the tradition supposedly originated. The entire mountain was set ablaze, as the mediations failed. By members of both temples, followed by a fireworks display the festival today begins with a ceremonial igniting. Depending on how dry the grass is, the burning of the mountain can take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.

From all over Nara the spectacular fire can be seen. it's time for the show that sets the Nara sky alight, Shortly after 6 pm, while the smell of burnt grass fills the air, and more fireworks can be heard in the city. A procession tasked with setting Mount Wakakusa ablaze leaves Kasuga Taisha shrine from 5 pm. the participants cross Nara-Koen to arrive, Bearing a sacred flame, the participants cross Nara-Koen to arrive, about half an hour later, at the foot of the hill. As the main feature of the Yamayaki the burning of the hill stands out, yet from around 5 PM the sacred torch procession takes place as well. Officially, the festival begins at noon, after which a variety of minor events take place around the base of Wakakusayama. Throwing competition of giant rice crackers (sembei) that takes place from 12:30 to 15:00 is the most interesting minor attraction.