Yokai and pokemon – Japanese myths and characters made cute- part1

Pokemon are pocket monsters fairly derived out of the animal kingdom, but many though look like meta versions of the real world, they are based off animals and characters of Japanese myths and legends

Legendary pokemon though look like they’re right off someone’s imagination, they are based off myths and legends passed down in Japan. Let’s look at how even Trubbish is derived out of what the Japanese folk believe in.

Kitsune (foxes)狐: Vulpix, ninetails: much like naruto’s nine tailed fox, Pokemon’s foxes are also based on the Japanese folklore. Foxes are considered to be masters of disguse who can change forms and seduce and trick humans with their powers. The power of the fox is known by the number of tails, more tails equals more power. The fox grows a tail every 100 years. Nine tails is the highest ranking.

·  Vulpix has 6 tails and it evolves to a nine tailed fox.

·  Zorua and Zoruark cast illusions and change into human form like the Kitsune

·  Fennekin, braixen and delfox have abilities to possess another, they are also resemble half humanly drawn like witches and sorcerers.

Raiju 雷獣: A Yokai that has a lightning body, Raiju is the pet of the thunder god Raijin. Basically a four legged electric type pokemon is based on raiju, like Raichu, Pikachu, Pichu, Manectric

Bakeneko and the beckoning cat: The legend behind the beckoning cat is: a king once took shelter under a tree from the rain near a temple, he saw that the cat of the temple waved at him, looked like it was calling him towards the temple, the king went to the temple right after which a lightning stuck the tree the king was under. The king then convinced the cat had saved his life, patroned the temple.

The Bakeneko, prefers walking on its hind legs and use its power cause trouble to its owner. The longer its tail, the more powerful it is. Some Bakeneko can also shape shift and even learn human speech. It also becomes a nekomata, a cat which has 2 tails, smart, powerful and evil- espurr, meowstic

Meowth: ever wondered what the coin on meowth’s head indicates? Meowth is based on the Maneki neko or the beckoning cat that brings good fortune and good luck. It is also based on the Bakeneko.  mew and mewtwo have super long tails indicating their power.

Komai nu 狛犬 : The guardians to the entrance of the shrines, noble steads that can rip your heart out、 Growlithe, Arcanine, entei

Suzaku 朱雀: Moltres the legendary pokemom, originally from china. It looks like  a pheasant wrapped in flames and represents the fire element in Taoism.

HO-Oh鳳凰: based on one of the most sacred creatures In Japanese folklore, it is suppsed to be beautiful having all 5 colors of the Chinese elements. They were birthed from the sun. they symbolize peace, purity, fortune, and happiness. When humanity is suffering difficult times, the hooh files away to heaven. It returns during good times so if you see one it’s a sign of prosperity.

Tsukumogami 付喪神ーYokai which are objects. Japan has a belief that all things have a god in them. The objects that survive for a hundred years would become yokai and become self aware, hence trubbish, Voltorb, Banette, Klefki, Litwick, Chimeco etc and the list is endless.