Rental Kazoku - A family affair?

Would you like to hire someone to go to the parent teacher meeting you wouldn't want your parents to know? or just spend some familial time with some random stranger who you wouldn't have to have a responsibility for? These can be very much done in Japan as weird as it may be.

We’ve watched a lot of TV shows and movies where teenagers may pay people to be their parents for their student teacher meeting or paying someone to attend their wedding as their friend.  While all of this may be funny to watch on screen how is it in reality?

Japan, a fast moving innovative nation that doesn’t think twice on capitalizing on something. But is capitalizing on human emotions considered to be going too far? Or has it now become the norm?

Japan is known for inventing a lot of weird things but this transaction of paying someone to be your girlfriend or boyfriend to maybe hiring them to be your family with the full family set of mon, dad, grandpa younger sibling, anything! the choice is endless which most of us consider weird and quite disturbing is actually what is keeping the people of Japan sane.

A large number of people are a part of this “job”. Getting paid to act the part of a loving and understanding boyfriend or girlfriend for a day. The client can choose the type of guy or girl he/she desires based on looks, height, hair color and more. And spend a day with them as if they were truly a couple. For a country that is declining in population and for various reasons consider or fear commited relationships with others, captilizing on such a service shows that a market exists, and a considerably large one to boot.

There are a set of rules these people who act their specified parts have to follow. The rules differ from one company to another, but the basic rules being that the actor and the client aren’t supposed to have any intimate relationships nor have personal connections after the transaction has ended.

Many Japanese youth believe that this type of transaction is in no way wrong. They would rather spend their time having superficial relations in this manner than actual commit in a relationship. The pressure and pain of failing in a relationship or being unable to find someone cause of self-doubt and appearance issues is more painful and the easiest solution is to spend some money and have those memories.

Is this a big problem that japan is ignoring and capitalizing on or is it not a serious issue because on the surface no one seems to be getting hurt? This could leave a kindn of lifestyle based on conviniences and lack of commitment.

One way this service can be seen as worthy is if you are a foreigner and would just want someone to show you around  the city or spend the day with if alone. Many of us may not phantom this idea, but this industry is large and real.