Learning from The Royal Tutor

How do you to teach four eccentric students who have made sure that no tutor lasts to teach them? A short, easy going anime teaching you to teach?

The Royal Tutor is a Japanese manga series by Higasa Akai which received an anime adaptation for Spring 2019. It's not an action packed shounen series nor is it the most mind boggoling storyline ever,  but it shines nonetheless. It's a very easy going series, with nice humor and some pretty good themes. It's not a series that'll leave you on the edge of your seat each week but it's a good one to unwind with and just have a good time.

Synopsis: Heine Wittgenstein is hired as the Royal Tutor for four princes in the kingdom of Granzreich. They hate tutors, and he must find a way to teach them. 

Heine's character sketch may put off many the first episode of being and adult looking like a child, but the character's personality is something to look forward to. The way Heine has to deal with four different personalities of the princes' is makes the character mature enough to change his way of teaching for each personality trait and get them to learn! This creates a empathetic and enigmatic person in Heine, the Royal Tutor making him a great balance of genius, compassion, mystery, and competence.

Some of my personal, relatable takeaways from the anime 

As I finished watching The Royal tutor, I realized something that was rooted in my conscience for a long time. It was for a fact that "some people are born genius".  As Prince Bruno wonders whether his efforts to compete with his genius brother, are in vain, I feel it too. I had a momentary crisis as to whether my efforts in this big world were also pointless. Then as the episode progresses, he realizes that one shouldn’t give up trying, irrespective of who they are and their capability. By the end of first season, all the four princes have found their purpose and the thought that inspires me the most is, one’s life is about they do and not what they achieve in the end. I realized I shouldn’t give up trying either. As if out of blue, I remembered something that a friend recently told, “You are hardworking”. Until then I hadn’t myself realized that I work hard. People have appreciated me for having potential talent, but rarely have they appreciated my “hard work”, specifically. For what it is worth, even I did not know I was hardworking. All I knew was “I have to do a given task". Again, a momentary satisfaction because I realized my strength. Which is, I have never stopped trying.

Thanks to The Royal Tutor and Prince Bruno, I know we all have a place and we must not give up no matter what our chances are of winning. I know for a fact that; one never regrets trying their best. Whether we ascend a throne or not, we must try to do what we can, while we can. Genius or not, we are blessed with a life. And Life is always worth living, even if for the smallest of excuse.